September update

good day gentlemen,

i am a long way off with the updated on this blog, but i got my reasons. every month that i spend on game developing, is a month where my procrastination powers weaken. I usually write on the blog or on twitter when i procrastinate, so this is a problem :S

Nevertheless, today i gave myself the time to update/upgrade my online presence, because well, there’s a lot to talk about. And guess what? it’s all good news 😀

ok, first: how are my studies going? great! i managed to pass quite a lot of exams during the summer session.  there was a lot of stress on the air,  but i managed to accomplish all the goals that i booked this season. this is great news for me , since it meant that i have more time to allocate on game developing :3 

there’s still a long way before gaining the degree on computer engineering,  but the results of this session gave me a lot of confidence. so yeah, congratulations me 😀

what about game development? well, if you follow me on twitter you will know more or less what is happening, but let’s sum it up: 

Even this time i joined the Ludum Dare event. the theme was 10 Seconds, and my game is called…well…10 Seconds xD

i must say that it was quite difficult to work on this theme! i mean sure, i could have done a normal arcade game and put a 10 seconds timer on something, but that would have been boring. but coming with something original and interesting was a hell of a brainstorming! for that reason, this time i had to spend 3 days to develop the game, where the first one was fully spent on finding some damn idea.  i actually started coding late on the first day.

that said, spending a day brainstorming was a good choice. i had the time to decide what were my goals, and build an idea around them. 

this time, i decided i wanted to make something that wasn’t fast paced. inspired by the august theme of 1GAM, i wanted a game that could make the player think on a different way from all my past works.  and well, let’s say that a certain point during development i wasn’t really trying to make a game. 

the second challenge i set was the art. this time around, since i wasn’t going for a complex game play, i decided to try myself on the animation side of the game, and the overall aspect of the game.

the end result, 10 Seconds , is a single event, with free interpretation from the players. 2 men facing each other, with a gun under the hood, and only one information: you have 10 seconds.


I also was very satisfied from what i accomplished for the art. doing the animations was quite difficult. it required a lot of care and it was time consuming (that’s the reason both the men have the same set of animations :P). however all the care and time spent were really worth it. and this time, i decided to put damn audio on the game. i don’t want to overlook this anymore, from now on my games will need sound!  for me, make or find the right audio and music for my games is a hell of a challenge, but man is it worth it \:D/

so, after spending the last hours tweaking things, hunting bugs and paying attention to the experience overall, i submitted my game for the LD.

some days later, i also published it on GameJolt, because why not? they are totally more organized than me on hosting games, moreover i could track the number of peoples playing my game.

fast forward to today. a couple weeks passed, i played quite a number of LD games ( though i am not hardcore like certain developers :P), and damn my jaw fell down.

i didn’t really expect it, but my game actually had some serious success.

I received a ridiculous amount of very positive comments on my LD page. and on my gamejolt account (that btw is not linked to my ld page), i can see that 150 peoples played my game! adding the ld peoples, we are near to the 200 peoples playing my game!! D:

that’s an awful lot. i mean, wow! that was completely unexpected! xD

this gave me even more motivation on continuing to develop games. the feeling that i have when i make a playable game is great, but knowing that peoples enjoyed your creation, is really priceless.

and well, on Game Jolt i earned 0.15$ . now i am a professional! xD

to everyone that played my game, thank you so much. you guys made my month 😀


so, we talked about studies, we talked about ludum dare. what now? 

well, i am woking on a long term game. yep, you heard right, i am doing that fancy thing, finally. and not alone! but let’s tell things on order:

during june, i found a game contest called nofuture, held in france and with some nice prized. the rules were so hilarious and interesting that not joining it wasn’t an option. so i proposed the fact to some friends from the #1GAM irc channel , and we decided to form a team to develop a multiplayer cooperative game for the contest. a lot of things happened , but to make it short, we were not quite ready for the contest, but we decided to continue working on the game idea, we found some more peoples and day by day our idea is taking a solid form. i don’t want to spoil everything ( more like my fingers are passing out) , and also it would be quite boring to read the game idea, when instead you will be able to play it in the near future.

That said, expect more updates on twitter and on the blog with images, videos, and livesteams of the development 🙂

to wrap this up, i inform you guys that i finally bought and assembled my new pc. it’s quite the beast, and with it i am able to give form to more ambitious projects.  it will probably require time, but expect great things in the future. i have ideas that i want to bring to life no matter what :)=

I hope you guys enjoyed this update. till next time, cheers 😀