May update

May has been an interesting month. Let’s put aside the strange weather of these days (i mean, what the hell. i wanted to go to the beach). Regarding game developing, i really had fun!

After the first days of self commiseration, due to shortage of interesting ideas on what to make, i slowly started the first attempts on another shooter like game. The day passed peacefully, coding and drawing, until i felt that i was shaping up something interesting.

Did i finish it? sadly not. I did all i could, and still i  couldn’t bring myself to wrap it up and call it a day. i did this already with my other games , and although they are playable, it would be nice if they had all the features i planned (something on which i’ll surely work on the near future).

So, this time i will extend the developing time to whatever i need to have a satisfying game.

Am i going to leave #1GAM ? no, you silly. i am still up to the challenge. in fact, this may i submitted another game, Card Match. yes, on may i did a complete re haul on it and i added game profiles and scoreboard. Hope you have fun with it 😀

regarding next months, my schedule is pretty thigh, so the next games will be simple side projects that i can make in a brief time. Still, i will choose only projects that can challenge me in some aspect. One thing is for sure though: no more shooters. i overdid that sector too much on this year.

It’s a bit sad i couldn’t submit my game for the fishing jam, but this time i have something really entertaining on my hands, and i want to see how much shiny it can become. See you next time 😉


fears and dreams

A long time passed since my last article. Truth is, i wanted to write this at the start of the month, but as i sadly am a lazy person, a week elapsed. So, let’s start with a briefing of what happened during this time.

Do you remember the prototype images of the game i wanted to complete on january? well, now is out! i postponed it for the march submission, and yet i still missed to do a lot of things. Nevertheless, i decided it was time to wrap up things and start something new. I decided it considering that anyway i had a working game prototype, with the main things a game needs. Furthermore, i was tired of beign stuck on an idea that with time became less entertaining. I had the desire to work on something new. I am still not sure of what to do next, but it will probably be fun, and surely i have learned a lot about how to manage my work time :3

A brief post mortem is also necessary here, since i learned some interesting things this time:

the first thing i regret, is doing a remake of my first game (the LD25 Goblin Rampage). There are no valid reasons to decide to do something like this. No, wait . There is one. I didn’t know it was a so boring decision!

Instead of using a similar plot, i could have worked on something more interesting. Instead i did something that i need to avoid: stick to what i already know. And this is useless in many ways. The main point beign , doing something that i already knew killed half of the fun of learning how to make games.

Also, i really spent too much time on the development. I waited 3 months to publish something that had to be finished in 10 days! and as time passed between personal life and actual development, the interest was fading away. Luckily, i was determined enough to get the game to the finish line, but i don’t want to experience the same thing in future. That is, feeling to be forced on working on a project that i am not enjoying anymore.

That said, there are times when i enjoyed this project. When i finally had a working level, i was really happy. I was moved by the fact that what i was playing was done by the ground up by me. It proved again that i really like making games. It’s something really exciting, and very rewarding.

Now i could talk about the mechanic aspect of the game ( isometric collisions beign the main topic) , but i think i would miss the point. It surely important what i learned in terms of tech or programming, but i think that a developer, especially during the development of the first games,  should focus more about what he learned about himself and his feelings while drawing, writing, or programming. When do i have fun developing a game? when do i feel frustrated, and why? what should i do to be more productive, while fueling the creativity light? when do i need to persist, or when do i need to scrap everything and start new?

It’s the philosophy of the developer, i’d say, that needs the most caring attention, because it rules how your approach on making games will work, and whether or not you will pose limits to how much creativity you infuse to your games. Everyone lusts for the genial ingenuity of the kids, but getting rid of adulthood, countless layers of dogmas, preconceptions and bad habits , is pretty hard.

This is a difficult time of my life. During this months i mainly studied for some university exams, and sadly my results weren’t what i hoped for. Not too bad, but neither good enough.

I am seriously considering what to do with university. While what i am learning is certainly useful and gives really good work opportunities, and i also had the chance to grow some maturity in my bones, I also feel that that world is taking me away from what i really want to do.

The fear brought by others and by myself on this uncertain path is hard to deal with. I constantly ask myself what to do. Should i focus only on one thing? go to compromises?

One day i will have to state a clear decision. What i wish is to not make a half assed one.

I want to put my hearth in what i will do. this way, either way my life will go, i will have no regrets on this decision.


Plans for the immediate future? well, this month 1GAM theme is “spring”. Today started the GPC game jam, and at the end of the month LD26 will start. Lots of acronyms, and lots of fun too. I will apply what i learned from my past experiences and make something that me, the writer, and you, the reader, will hopefully enjoy. Till the next update, Good day.

working mode: on

So, i am finally working to my projects.i have less than 10 days, so i need to speed up. On these days i decided a number of things:

the game is going to be isometric. both because my LD25 entry failed to give the depth feeling with normal (and well, crappy) graphics, and i was curious to learn to make isometric games. ergo, my game upgrate from sidescroller to dualSideScroller! isn’ t it majestic?

I also decided to change js library. i am not using craftyJS as i stated before, and i am learning createJS. most people will think that the appending components patters is really good. i think it too, but it was my first time programming in such a manner, i had a strange feeling using it, and i disliked it 😛 also, beign createJS suite backed by adobe, i think that on the next months it will become a robust alternative to flash, in terms of quality.

i don’ t know if for the music i will be able to make something or if i will use royalty free pieces. the sounds will be mine  ( on these days make 8 -16 bit sounds it’ s pretty easy).

here a photo!


i just finished to make the scrolling road, but i need some tweaking, because as it is, it hurts my eyes. and next, working on the player. see ya soon!

New year is near, cheers!

hey there! it’ s been a while. There’ s not much to say. Math is now more friendly, and meanwhile i am honing my drawing skills, my goal: make something that doesn’ t hurt the eyes.

And i decided that , for my first entry on the jam, i will remake Goblin rampage. this in light of some facts:

-my spendable time on game developing on january and february is very limited, due to the exams.

-i need to experiment with craftyJS , and GR seems a good model, since it needs improvements in a lot of ways.

drawings, animations, sounds and music, AI, powerups, dialogs, a silly story and definitely a better starting screen. these are the things i want, and there’ s probably more. I don’ t think i will be able to put everything, but at least the essentials will be implemented.

and for the other projects? i will not spoiler.

finally, i cheer for your life on the fast approaching 2013. good new year eve! bye!