May update

May has been an interesting month. Let’s put aside the strange weather of these days (i mean, what the hell. i wanted to go to the beach). Regarding game developing, i really had fun!

After the first days of self commiseration, due to shortage of interesting ideas on what to make, i slowly started the first attempts on another shooter like game. The day passed peacefully, coding and drawing, until i felt that i was shaping up something interesting.

Did i finish it? sadly not. I did all i could, and still i  couldn’t bring myself to wrap it up and call it a day. i did this already with my other games , and although they are playable, it would be nice if they had all the features i planned (something on which i’ll surely work on the near future).

So, this time i will extend the developing time to whatever i need to have a satisfying game.

Am i going to leave #1GAM ? no, you silly. i am still up to the challenge. in fact, this may i submitted another game, Card Match. yes, on may i did a complete re haul on it and i added game profiles and scoreboard. Hope you have fun with it 😀

regarding next months, my schedule is pretty thigh, so the next games will be simple side projects that i can make in a brief time. Still, i will choose only projects that can challenge me in some aspect. One thing is for sure though: no more shooters. i overdid that sector too much on this year.

It’s a bit sad i couldn’t submit my game for the fishing jam, but this time i have something really entertaining on my hands, and i want to see how much shiny it can become. See you next time 😉


working mode: on

So, i am finally working to my projects.i have less than 10 days, so i need to speed up. On these days i decided a number of things:

the game is going to be isometric. both because my LD25 entry failed to give the depth feeling with normal (and well, crappy) graphics, and i was curious to learn to make isometric games. ergo, my game upgrate from sidescroller to dualSideScroller! isn’ t it majestic?

I also decided to change js library. i am not using craftyJS as i stated before, and i am learning createJS. most people will think that the appending components patters is really good. i think it too, but it was my first time programming in such a manner, i had a strange feeling using it, and i disliked it 😛 also, beign createJS suite backed by adobe, i think that on the next months it will become a robust alternative to flash, in terms of quality.

i don’ t know if for the music i will be able to make something or if i will use royalty free pieces. the sounds will be mine  ( on these days make 8 -16 bit sounds it’ s pretty easy).

here a photo!


i just finished to make the scrolling road, but i need some tweaking, because as it is, it hurts my eyes. and next, working on the player. see ya soon!

I live on the dark side of the moon!!

yeah, sort of. Well… maybe not, but i wanted to break the tradition of breaking the tradition of breaking the tradition of breaking the tradition of every programmer to write “HELLO WORLD” as their first post on a blog.

so, hello to you , reader ! if you are reading this, it’ s probably because in the future relative to this post i made a game or an article about games that grabbed your attention. If this is the case, i can identify myself as a fairly cool guy.

My name’ s Guido, i am from Italy , and i love videogames. The next step is for me to bacome a game developer, wich is why there’ s a new page on the blogosphere. How cool. Blogosphere!

that said, i leave you to the me of the future that will write the next post, probably in 2 days, to talk about what i’ ve done for this ludum dare. cheers!