January entry: fail

Sort of. These ten days were challenging and intense, and i don’ t regret them.

I wasn’t able to complete my game before the end of January.

I made a lot of things on these ten days, let’ s not misunderstand. i made almost all the graphics assets, animations included ( yay!) and the game mechanics are sort of completed at this point. But there are a lot of things missing.

To begin with, too few enemy types. i wanted at least another type of enemy on the game, to make it more interesting. i had no time

Then there was no UI, but that wasn’t  t a major problem. making some text based UI isn’ t difficult after all.

I can’ t really say if yesterday i could have done all the sound and music assets. It had to be yesterday, because the other days i was completely packed with coding and drawing.

I even wanted to add a boss, but guess what? no time at all

I could pass these things, true. i could pack what i have, and use it as my January entry. but yesterday night i thought that the game could have a lot of more potential ( at least for me) if done right. so , at 4:00 i am, i gave up the idea to submit the game and went to bed. and man, what a sound sleep i had !


So, why was i on these situation? well, it seems i forgot a bunch of things i learned on my first ludum dare:

first of all, i overestimated how much i could do in ten days. what i did, the isometric graphic, was something to completely new to me. i had a lot of things to learn on the road, like (lol) drawing isometric sprites, make animations make a proper collision detection, etc… the good thing is that i succeeded on the task, and i can use this game as a reference for my future isometric games. the bad thing is that the task of doing while learning was really time consuming.

then, there’s my ability to use JavaScript  It seems it’ s pretty bad.while this time it was more easy find bugs ( the console is my best friend ), i was still attached to the false and misleading idea that java(or any other OOL) and JavaScript have similarities beyond some of the syntax  this is a huge plague when you try to implement things that in OOL are normal, because in java they aren’t ! the result: there’ s a lot of really bad code in my game. there were a lot of shortcuts i could have used to make the coding process more fast, and instead the code , in most parts is really redundant.

if i hope to be a better JavaScript programmer, i need a lot more dedication on it’ s study, to find out how good JavaScript code is done.

Lastly i think, i badly managed my work, and how i felt about it. I mean, these days were fulfilling, exciting, interesting , a lot of things, but the adjective i will remember the most will be “stressing”. i wanted to do a lot of things in very few time, so i packed my days just working on it, even at late night. i even did a all nighter.

That was really detrimental.  Sure , the first days were  pretty ok , but slowly my hype lowered, and left space to stress and nervousness . it was still something i gladly did, but it worked against my focus and my performance.

to anybody reading this. how do you handle this situation? with what mindset do you approach your work?


working mode: on

So, i am finally working to my projects.i have less than 10 days, so i need to speed up. On these days i decided a number of things:

the game is going to be isometric. both because my LD25 entry failed to give the depth feeling with normal (and well, crappy) graphics, and i was curious to learn to make isometric games. ergo, my game upgrate from sidescroller to dualSideScroller! isn’ t it majestic?

I also decided to change js library. i am not using craftyJS as i stated before, and i am learning createJS. most people will think that the appending components patters is really good. i think it too, but it was my first time programming in such a manner, i had a strange feeling using it, and i disliked it 😛 also, beign createJS suite backed by adobe, i think that on the next months it will become a robust alternative to flash, in terms of quality.

i don’ t know if for the music i will be able to make something or if i will use royalty free pieces. the sounds will be mine  ( on these days make 8 -16 bit sounds it’ s pretty easy).

here a photo!


i just finished to make the scrolling road, but i need some tweaking, because as it is, it hurts my eyes. and next, working on the player. see ya soon!

happy new year and all that

what i wrote on the title, and 5 more days to the first exams. am i hyped? yeah! i am prepared? sort of!

Meanwhile, i am learning craftyJS. the more i dig in, the more i think that it’ s a really complete and well made game library.
And just for the lulz, i am reading a bit about collisions. crafty will handle it by itself, but learning the underneath strings is always fun. After the 18, my first exams set will be finished, and meanwhile i will have figured out how to do a good porting. one game in 10 days? sounds fun to me!

New year is near, cheers!

hey there! it’ s been a while. There’ s not much to say. Math is now more friendly, and meanwhile i am honing my drawing skills, my goal: make something that doesn’ t hurt the eyes.

And i decided that , for my first entry on the jam, i will remake Goblin rampage. this in light of some facts:

-my spendable time on game developing on january and february is very limited, due to the exams.

-i need to experiment with craftyJS , and GR seems a good model, since it needs improvements in a lot of ways.

drawings, animations, sounds and music, AI, powerups, dialogs, a silly story and definitely a better starting screen. these are the things i want, and there’ s probably more. I don’ t think i will be able to put everything, but at least the essentials will be implemented.

and for the other projects? i will not spoiler.

finally, i cheer for your life on the fast approaching 2013. good new year eve! bye!


good evening! just a quick update of what i ‘ ve done on there days.

First of all, studying. on January i got exams about Math II , web design and  programming. if all goes well, maybe i will try software engineering, but i doubt i will be ready for that, since most of my time is spent on Math. It’ s not that i suck on it, or i hate it. it’ s just difficult for me to learn math. How sad 😦

i tweaked a litte the ludum dare game ( typo errors and similar) and in local on my pc i’ m working on the problems i couldn’ t resolve in 48 hours ( collisions, game parameters adjustments, bla bla bla).

I am also working on another game ( a simple project for the exam of web design). here’ s a picture :


the game is ready, and the graphics is sort of done. now i just need to make a cool web page and i am done. after the exam, i will publish it online

Finally, the hot topic: i will join a new game jame that starts on 2013: oneGameAMonth!


as the name implies, every partecipant will make (at least) one game a month.

Yes, you heard right, i will make 12 games on 2013! maybe not everyone of them will be an artwork, especially the first ones, but that’ s not the main objective.

My main objective instead, is to learn how to develop games, from the concept to the publishing phase;

to make  experience, and experiment with a lot of genres, art styles and programming languages, and generally speaking, challenging myself;

But mainly, to have fun, and to make friends with  peoples with my same interest on games! peoples that like me have just started  the path of the game developer, or that maybe  took that road a long time ago, and now are paving it for the others.

there will be so much to do this year!so much studying! so much working! so much having fun! 😀

Here we are. i got the resolution

The ludum Dare finished yesterday, and i am still safisfied of the results.

the 48 hours were very intense, and at the last hour, when i submitted my entry, i was really happy and excited. i can easily say that it was an experience that i want to live again ( if i am not dead in three days).

But hey, i want to clarify. i wasn’ t excited and happy because i made an artwork. my game it’ s fairly ugly. i spent a hell of time figuring out why the code wasn’ t working. there is no sound because i had no time. Same thing for animations. and the graphics sucks as a pro. i am not just pessimistic. it’ s simply true. Here, judge by yourself!


i was happy and excited for something else. I am a student of informatic engineering. i know how to code. you could say that i am at an intermediate level. and the fact that i would like to make games was a simple theory. just the fact that i like playing games couldn’ t have been enough to give me the same passion making them. so i was clueless.

that is, before this Game jam.

i never thought that making a game was this difficult, and how much organization you need to avoid to make a mess of your code. i basically learned on the road. and if it’ s true that because of this the final result wasn’t really beautiful, it’ s also true that my learning speed was much higher than when studing by books and simple exercise programs.

And it was also freaking fun! surely there were moments where i wanted to throw the monitor out of the window, but it was a fair price for the moments of satisfaction when things worked out.

then there was the moment when i submitted the game. i decided to showit to a friend. The first thing i was expecting was “what is this crap?!?” as a response, and i thought i could live with it. i mean, that could have been a logic feedback to my firsts game.

Surprisingly, she liked it! she asked me how did i do that, complained about how difficult it was , and insulted the policemen a lot!

the fact that she was enjoying herself game me a lot of happiness.

even today, i am satisfied when on my submission page someone writes a comment, because i know that another person played my game. maybe he liked it, maybe not. but he played it, and that for the moment is enough.

So. now that i kow that for me, making games is the right path, i will work hard to make better games, to give a good time to more and more peoples, and to train myself to be happy and creative.

a side quest is to improve my english on the way, but that’ s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay another story. So, follow me, if you want to read about my quest!

I live on the dark side of the moon!!

yeah, sort of. Well… maybe not, but i wanted to break the tradition of breaking the tradition of breaking the tradition of breaking the tradition of every programmer to write “HELLO WORLD” as their first post on a blog.

so, hello to you , reader ! if you are reading this, it’ s probably because in the future relative to this post i made a game or an article about games that grabbed your attention. If this is the case, i can identify myself as a fairly cool guy.

My name’ s Guido, i am from Italy , and i love videogames. The next step is for me to bacome a game developer, wich is why there’ s a new page on the blogosphere. How cool. Blogosphere!

that said, i leave you to the me of the future that will write the next post, probably in 2 days, to talk about what i’ ve done for this ludum dare. cheers!