Game developer for a Year

2011 and 2012 were for me years of deep insecurity and confusion. You’d think that they would be memorable years. And instead, how numb they are on my mind. So far away. Of that time, i don’t even remember how i was.

15 minutes are left before the end of this year. 2013 ended to be sort of a fresh start to me. A year where i decided to ditch all my fears of doing new things, and take a path.

It was the year where i started healing my mind from the horrible belief of being worthless.

That’s it. This year told me that indeed , i am worthy. That i am able create , and do wonderful things , that please me and the others.

That it’s OK to be proud of your work, no matter how rough and green .

Even if it doesn’t shine, it’s a testament of your resolution to learn. A fruit full of your passion.

2013 is a year where i started my first steps on understanding the world and the peoples in it a bit more in depth .

The year where i learned to question myself and my beliefs a lot more.

A year where all the stress for the uncertain was replaced by stress for the crunch time, and discover that the latter type of stress at the end results in great satisfaction.

A year where i made a fuckton of friends. A year that made me hungry of discovery. A year that reminded me of when i was a kid, and of all the wonderful things that i forgot.

One minute before the end of the year.

2013 was amazing. Thank you . welcome 2014.



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