May update

May has been an interesting month. Let’s put aside the strange weather of these days (i mean, what the hell. i wanted to go to the beach). Regarding game developing, i really had fun!

After the first days of self commiseration, due to shortage of interesting ideas on what to make, i slowly started the first attempts on another shooter like game. The day passed peacefully, coding and drawing, until i felt that i was shaping up something interesting.

Did i finish it? sadly not. I did all i could, and still i  couldn’t bring myself to wrap it up and call it a day. i did this already with my other games , and although they are playable, it would be nice if they had all the features i planned (something on which i’ll surely work on the near future).

So, this time i will extend the developing time to whatever i need to have a satisfying game.

Am i going to leave #1GAM ? no, you silly. i am still up to the challenge. in fact, this may i submitted another game, Card Match. yes, on may i did a complete re haul on it and i added game profiles and scoreboard. Hope you have fun with it 😀

regarding next months, my schedule is pretty thigh, so the next games will be simple side projects that i can make in a brief time. Still, i will choose only projects that can challenge me in some aspect. One thing is for sure though: no more shooters. i overdid that sector too much on this year.

It’s a bit sad i couldn’t submit my game for the fishing jam, but this time i have something really entertaining on my hands, and i want to see how much shiny it can become. See you next time 😉



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