Sneak peek

here is some chat text brainstorming a story:


the setting is on the sky between floating islands

[10:11:37] Kannas Tack: the player (the thing that should seem a zepelin) is an operator with the job to take the crystals floating around these islands , and send them back to his corporation
[10:12:19] Kannas Tack: we don’t know if this player is human, how long was he here, or if there are other entities on the place
[10:12:29] Kannas Tack: thus i used the title solitude
[10:13:36] Kannas Tack: the player ( be it human or robot) will ask himself, during the game, will ponder about his situation,even asking himself if his corporation still exists
[10:13:40] Kannas Tack: hmmm
[10:13:56] Kannas Tack: at this point the player could be an intelligent bot
[10:14:08] Kannas Tack: and it could be working for hundreds of years
[10:14:27] Kannas Tack: thus not knowing really anything about his creators situation
[10:15:37] Kannas Tack: for all we know, the humans that made him could be even extinct, leaving the player entangled 😀 on the role of one of the last relics of human world
[10:16:08] Kannas Tack: wow, this gives me the idea for the last level

[10:16:58] Kannas Tack: on the last level, the drone has a malfunction. He is able to make only n more movements before shutting down forever
[10:17:06] Kannas Tack: yes? xD
[10:17:36] Kannas Tack: damn, i tend to make books on chat : S


stay tuned for the real game 😀




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