New year is near, cheers!

hey there! it’ s been a while. There’ s not much to say. Math is now more friendly, and meanwhile i am honing my drawing skills, my goal: make something that doesn’ t hurt the eyes.

And i decided that , for my first entry on the jam, i will remake Goblin rampage. this in light of some facts:

-my spendable time on game developing on january and february is very limited, due to the exams.

-i need to experiment with craftyJS , and GR seems a good model, since it needs improvements in a lot of ways.

drawings, animations, sounds and music, AI, powerups, dialogs, a silly story and definitely a better starting screen. these are the things i want, and there’ s probably more. I don’ t think i will be able to put everything, but at least the essentials will be implemented.

and for the other projects? i will not spoiler.

finally, i cheer for your life on the fast approaching 2013. good new year eve! bye!



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