good evening! just a quick update of what i ‘ ve done on there days.

First of all, studying. on January i got exams about Math II , web design and  programming. if all goes well, maybe i will try software engineering, but i doubt i will be ready for that, since most of my time is spent on Math. It’ s not that i suck on it, or i hate it. it’ s just difficult for me to learn math. How sad 😦

i tweaked a litte the ludum dare game ( typo errors and similar) and in local on my pc i’ m working on the problems i couldn’ t resolve in 48 hours ( collisions, game parameters adjustments, bla bla bla).

I am also working on another game ( a simple project for the exam of web design). here’ s a picture :


the game is ready, and the graphics is sort of done. now i just need to make a cool web page and i am done. after the exam, i will publish it online

Finally, the hot topic: i will join a new game jame that starts on 2013: oneGameAMonth!

as the name implies, every partecipant will make (at least) one game a month.

Yes, you heard right, i will make 12 games on 2013! maybe not everyone of them will be an artwork, especially the first ones, but that’ s not the main objective.

My main objective instead, is to learn how to develop games, from the concept to the publishing phase;

to make  experience, and experiment with a lot of genres, art styles and programming languages, and generally speaking, challenging myself;

But mainly, to have fun, and to make friends with  peoples with my same interest on games! peoples that like me have just started  the path of the game developer, or that maybe  took that road a long time ago, and now are paving it for the others.

there will be so much to do this year!so much studying! so much working! so much having fun! 😀



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