Here we are. i got the resolution

The ludum Dare finished yesterday, and i am still safisfied of the results.

the 48 hours were very intense, and at the last hour, when i submitted my entry, i was really happy and excited. i can easily say that it was an experience that i want to live again ( if i am not dead in three days).

But hey, i want to clarify. i wasn’ t excited and happy because i made an artwork. my game it’ s fairly ugly. i spent a hell of time figuring out why the code wasn’ t working. there is no sound because i had no time. Same thing for animations. and the graphics sucks as a pro. i am not just pessimistic. it’ s simply true. Here, judge by yourself!

i was happy and excited for something else. I am a student of informatic engineering. i know how to code. you could say that i am at an intermediate level. and the fact that i would like to make games was a simple theory. just the fact that i like playing games couldn’ t have been enough to give me the same passion making them. so i was clueless.

that is, before this Game jam.

i never thought that making a game was this difficult, and how much organization you need to avoid to make a mess of your code. i basically learned on the road. and if it’ s true that because of this the final result wasn’t really beautiful, it’ s also true that my learning speed was much higher than when studing by books and simple exercise programs.

And it was also freaking fun! surely there were moments where i wanted to throw the monitor out of the window, but it was a fair price for the moments of satisfaction when things worked out.

then there was the moment when i submitted the game. i decided to showit to a friend. The first thing i was expecting was “what is this crap?!?” as a response, and i thought i could live with it. i mean, that could have been a logic feedback to my firsts game.

Surprisingly, she liked it! she asked me how did i do that, complained about how difficult it was , and insulted the policemen a lot!

the fact that she was enjoying herself game me a lot of happiness.

even today, i am satisfied when on my submission page someone writes a comment, because i know that another person played my game. maybe he liked it, maybe not. but he played it, and that for the moment is enough.

So. now that i kow that for me, making games is the right path, i will work hard to make better games, to give a good time to more and more peoples, and to train myself to be happy and creative.

a side quest is to improve my english on the way, but that’ s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay another story. So, follow me, if you want to read about my quest!



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